The Never Ending Pain Gets Electrosurged!

march 6, 2008


Ten months ago, I had a root canal and it was the worst thing in my life. Read about the pain and pain and pain here. I thought that was the hard part, but it wasn't! After a short break (because I ran out of insurance coverage), I went back to the dentist in the beginning of January to get an impression taken for a crown. Today, on my fourth visit, they're still trying to get a good impression taken. I can't count how many impressions they have taken, but it's been a bunch. Even my dentist is frustrated. They can't get a good impression because the gums around the tooth keep messing up the impressions. Today, my dentist pulled out the big guns -- see the picture above. Yes, that's a picture at the dentist's office of an Electrosurge 500SE. It looks like it was stolen from the workbench of some electronics technician -- maybe an AC to DC power converter? Nope. The red wire was connected to a pad, which was put underneath my shoulder -- my guess is that it was a ground of some sort. Attached to the black wire was a pen-like device that had a thin piece of metal sticking out. What was it for? To cut off gum! Ouch! My dentist told me to open wide and I told him "Hell No" because that thing was frigging scary as hell -- and with a name like "Electrosurge" it did not make it any more friendly. Eventually, I was convinced that it would not give me pain (since the side of my head was already numb). And it didn't hurt, I didn't feel a thing...Until I got home and the anesthetics wore off. The gums around my tooth are killing me right now. Ugh. I hate my teeth -- and right now, I hate this one tooth that after 10 months has still not been fixed. Note to the manufacturer of the Electrosurge 500SE:  Please, make it more friendly looking and give it a better name.  My suggestion?  Make it white and it Cuddly Kitten 500SE.

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