iPhone Auto-Complete Annoyance

march 10, 2008

I know this happened on my wife's iPhone and this recently happened to my iPhone (again).  The email address auto-complete started to fail.  It used to be: I click in the To: field and type "e" and my wife's name and email address would pop up.  Just a few days ago, this stopped working -- very annoying.  I tried clearing the user dictionary, but that didn't work.  I tried a reset and that didn't work.  I tried restoring my iPhone and then restoring my settings -- that didn't work.  The only thing that worked?  Restoring my iPhone to factory without restoring from a backup.  Very annoying!  Apple needs to create a way of letting users "forget" or reset the auto-completed address cache.  Auto-complete is very useful, but it shouldn't take a complete restore of the iPhone in order to make it work again!

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