march 15, 2008

Yes:  We're still hiring at Yahoo!. Yes:  I still get to do phone screens and interviews. What I wanted to ask is:  How much does personality play into who you say "yes" and "no" to when doing a phone screen or interview.  The other day, I did a phone screen with a guy who's resume looked fantabulous.  I mean, the guy had lots of experience with Unix.  Some good experience with Perl.  And when I talked with the guy, he was technically superb, troubleshooting skills were good, and generally knew what he was talking about.  He did not resort to the usual "buzzword speak" that is often used by candidates who don't know what they are talking about.  This guy was fantastic except for one thing:  He had the personality of a dead fly sitting on a window sill for three years. I mean, the guy was dead serious, even when I tried to lighten things up ("I hate doing these things, so lets make this a casual call").  The guy didn't laugh...nothing.  Zero personality.  Maybe it was a matter of nerves?  Maybe that's just the way he is?  I don't know. But, how much does personality play into if you want to accept someone into your team?

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