Too Few Pins

april 30, 2008

I used to say I am the garbage can at work. Basically, everything that needs to get done and no one has done it...well, I do it.  If it's been left over, I do it.  If something is on fire, I fix it.  If someone needs to know something, they come to me.  I am the garbage can. But, JR has recently introduced me to a better term.  He says he's the guy that jumps on live grenades.  I think that fits me a lot too.  I'm not sure what the actual term would be -- "garbage can" is such a clean way of describing something, "grenade guy" doesn't have the same visual feel to it.  Maybe someone can come up with a good way of describing this type of role. Lately though, I'm getting tired... There are too many grenades and too few pins...

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