Prettiest Killer

may 2, 2008

So, I installed Ubuntu 8.04LTS (Hardy Heron) on my play notebook and found it extremely well-done. So, I figured, after four months of Vista on my main notebook, I could switch over. Heron did everything that I need, so why not get away from Vista for a while? I installed it on my main notebook and it was heavenly. The damned thing is smooth, fast, and runs really well. It boots up quickly and has a sense of polish all over. Though, I did switch away from the Human theme over to the blue Glossy one. Everything else was great. Then, I remembered something. A while back, I found a bug report about the APM settings in Ubuntu that were overly aggressive and led to people's harddrives dying. What was happening was that when a notebook was woken up from suspend or hibernate, it was unable to decided if it were on battery power or AC. It just decided that it was on battery power -- then switches on the most aggressive power savings mode on the harddrives. This causes some people to see their harddrives in a sleep/wake cycle that happened at a rate of 10s per second (most harddrives have a 600,000 sleep/wake cycle limit). I thought, hey it has been a year-and-a-half since this bug was opened. They must have fixed it already -- especially for a Long Term Support release like Heron. Nope, they didn't do it yet. I just reinstalled Vista on my main notebook and the Vista SP1 update is running right now.

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