mindof update

may 15, 2008

I admit I am no front-end web developer.  For me, writing code for a website is basically:

  1. Does this work?  Yes.  Cool.
  2. Does it really work?  Yes.  Awesome.
  3. Does it look kind of decent?  Yes.  Nice!
  4. Can I do some security stuff with it?  Kind of.  Good.
Yesterday was Crack Day at Yahoo! and I guess Alice was in the mood to do a security review of my mindof code.  And she had some nifty front-end engineering security tips for me (since she is a front-end engineer).  And of course, she came up with some horrific hacks that could happen if I didn't update my code. So, I just updated the code with the tips that she gave me on the security side (updated code here).  There are some scalability and not-as-critical security enhancements she found, which I need to work on soon.  But, I wanted to get the critical stuff in there right away and released. My thanks to Alice for the awesome tips and for teaching me some cool stuff.

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