Yes, We're Cheap!

may 18, 2008

Yes, we're cheap!

Eileen, Jacob and I were toasting at home -- and we just had to get out of the house to enjoy some air conditioning.  We had gone to the mall and Fry's earlier.  It was too early for dinner.  We had a bag of old mobile phones to donate, so we jumped in the car and headed to our local Best Buy. After dropping off the phones, we went inside to walk around.  Somehow, we ended up in the desk aisle and that's when Eileen spotted a deal.  "Hey, this desk is only $11!" she proclaimed.  "Whoa!"  I reacted.  We tracked down a sales guy who looked it up and told us that the display model was the only one left. Darn. We'll have to get the display, but it can't hurt to ask for a discount's the display model! After a minute, the sales guy came back with an offer of $1 off!  Yay!  Done deal. Original price:  $54. Clearance price:  $11 Our price:  $10 Total savings:  82% And I didn't even have to do the hard work in this heat of putting the thing together.

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