may 26, 2008

When I started my University Odyssey, it was at San Jose State University as a Comp-Sci major.  I did not ever finish though and ended up working full-time at Sony. Sometime during my career at Sony, I figured out that I should probably finish up a degree of some sort.  I signed up for classes at University of Phoenix (Online) because Sony was going to flip the bill for me -- and doing it online was better for my schedule because I was travelling so heavily.  And it really helped when Jacob was born as I could do my homework at night after the little monster went to sleep. It took 3.5 years to finish my program (I had quite a few "pauses" during my degree program).  Tonight, I finished up my final group project and posted my last messages.  I am finally done with the program (Bachelor of Science in Information Technology).  Soon, after I get the grade for my final class, I will register for graduation and get my paper degree.  I will be certified "edumacated" (or as the wife likes to say, "gradumacated"). Now what?  What does it mean?  I gots me a piece of paper.

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