Playstation 3

june 7, 2008

For my grad, dad and birthday gift, my wife got me a spanking new Playstation 3. Thank you wifey for such a cool gift!  You are a kick-ass wife and the PS3 is a kick-ass gift! I wanted a PS3 mainly so that I can watch Bluray movies -- we already pay for Netflix, so it would be better to take advantage of the Bluray selection, rather than pay a whole lot more for HD satellite feeds.  I must say, the PS3 is quite impressive -- although, I guess I could be a bit biased as an ex-Sony employee. Observations about the PS3:

I guess that's a long-winded enough posting for now about the PS3.  I'm sure I'll have more later.  Do you own a PS3?  What do you think about it?  And what's your PSN name?  I want to add you to my friends list!

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