iPhone Suckas!

june 13, 2008

The iPhone 2 has been announced.  Apple fanbois have thier credit cards out and their iPhone 1s on Ebay.  I'm sure the iPhone 2s will fly off the AT&T shelves, so whatever I am going to write here will not matter -- and Apple fanbois can refrain from posting their comments, thank you very much.

Overall, I was not particularly excited by the new iPhone.  Sure, it's nice to have the extra speed.  Sure, the real GPS is nice.  But, want to pay more just to get those two features?  No.  The biggest thing that turns me off about the iPhone 2 is the plastic back -- it really cheapens the look of the phone.  Basically, the iPhone went from sleek MacBook Pro aluminum backing to cheap entry-level MacBook plastic backing -- complete with your choice of black or white plastic.  I wonder if Apple will charge more for the black plastic iPhone -- like how they charge more for the black MacBook.

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