One Watch To Rule Them All

june 21, 2008

Omega Seamaster Professional

My lovely wife completely surprised me last night when she gave me...well, a surprising second part of my graduation and birthday gift! Yes, she got me the watch of my dreams!  Thirteen years ago, when I was a mere 20 years old, I saw a Omega Seamaster Professional on Pierce Brosnan's wrist in GoldenEye -- and that was the watch that I wanted.  Now that I'm turning 33 (tomorrow), my wife has gotten me the watch!  It is a beauty and I LOVE it.  It will get a lot of wrist time compared to my other watches -- even the Breitling that I received from my father-in-law when my wife and I got engaged. This is the new model (#2220.80) that Daniel Craig wore in Casino Royale.  The "Seamaster" is now printed in red, the hour markers are raised (very cool), and it has the Omega co-axial escapement. Thank you honey for the best birthday (and graduation) gift ever!

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