Digitizing Stupidity

july 8, 2008

Are humans digitizing themselves into a swirl of stupidity?  Not to be a Luddite A lot of people I know can't multply any double-digit numbers without the help of a calculator.  Most people nowadays can't spell words with more than five letters because they rely so much on spell-checkers.  With the growth of the GPS market, it seems like people are no longer able to find their way around without some little chatty box telling them to turn right in 0.5 miles. Even facts that previous generations memorized are now being digitized out of our brains.  Why remember facts like world leaders, when you can just jump on a search engine an look them up?  Why remember the names of all 50 states, when a list is a click away?  Your wife's birthday?  Gotta look it up in your iPhone.  Your anniversary?  Same thing.  Calling your mom?  Look it up in your mobile's phonebook. You'd figure with all this freed up brain power, people would start becoming smarter in other areas.  Yet, it almost seems like people are becoming more stupid by the minute.  Err, am I seeing the glass half empty?

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