july 14, 2008

As an effort to help streamline hiring at work, we are now doing interviews with representatives from different groups under the same business group umbrella.  I don't know how the hell I got picked, but I represent my group during these interviews.  I hate interviews.  I hate getting interviewed.  I hate giving interviews.  I have only one standard tech question that I ask interviewees:

Other than that, I try to ask questions that are based on the resume of the interviewed.  Know Perl?  Tell me the easiest way I can get only the hosts common between two text files.  Know Red Hat Enterprise Linux?  Tell me the easiest way to find out the CPU in a box and how many cores it has.  Vi or Emacs? I'm curious, what kind of questions have you gotten or do you give at interviews.  What do you think about the whole interview process?

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