iPhone Software

july 17, 2008

I want to find out if I can downgrade my iPhone for the time being.  Is it possible? The iPhone 2.0 software, while it has all sorts off cool features, is a bloody buggy mess.  The whole thing is slow (keyboard and Contacts are a good example).  The API support, from what I read, is what is really causing third party apps to crash -- not the apps themselves. I think Apple really rushed this whole iPhone 2.0 and MobileMe stuff out the door.  And this is very disappointing for a company like Apple.  Using the iPhone 2.0 software is a constant test of my patience.  Launching some apps will, at random times, reboot my phone.  That is not fun.  Though I haven't experienced this, I know my wife and friends have, typing on the keyboard is very slow.  Oh, and the battery life with the new software sucks ass.  It is terrible.  I barely use my iPhone and the battery is down a quarter of the way.  What is going on?  Upgrading to the official software helped, but it is still buggy as hell. I hope Apple fixes these issues quickly.  As it stands, the iPhone 2.0 software is pure beta software and, for any other company, would not be considered production ready.  It is a decent show of what can be, but it is not a good show of what should be. Shame on you Apple for putting out crappy seemingly untested software.

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