Last Minute Changes...

august 8, 2008

So, earlier, I had excitingly wrote about my upcoming transfer to YDN. While things were going on between my current manager and the hiring manager, other things were also happening.  During the weekend after I posted up about YDN, things changed -- drastically.  The job req for the YDN job got moved -- logically -- under a full Service Engineering (ie. operations) team.  The job would still have me working directly with YDN, but in more of a pure Ops position. I talked with the Ops team earlier this week and they were great.  The issue I had with the change was that I would be going from one Ops job to another.  And in my current job, I lead the team and have put in my hard work to earn that.  Moving over would reset me to zero without any other benefit.  The original YDN position would have let me do a lot more than just ops stuff and that is why I was so excited about the move. So, this morning, I called up the hiring manager and declined the move.  If I am not 100% stoked about a transfer, I should not transfer at all.  And with the last minute changes to the job req, I was less than 100% stoked about the transfer.

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