Get Your Palpatine On

september 29, 2008

I was exclaiming to my friends, after the Bailout Bill failed, that "We're all going to die!"  And no one except JR caught me on it:  Yes, we're all going to die eventually.  As Palpatine knew and used in Star Wars, fear is an excellent and potent weapon.  And it seems that in our society, there are a lot of people who fall for it. Witness the people who feared (and continue to fear) "terrorists".  That was the driving force behind W Bush's plan to invade Iraq -- "If you don't invade Iraq, they will use their WMDs to blow us up to bits!"  Now, W Bush tried to use fear to get the Congress to pass the bailout bill quickly without much thought -- "If you don't pass this bill our country will crumble into oblivion!"  The bill has failed, good.  But, I think that we still need something to help out the economy, so I hope Congress gets their asses to work and figures something out soon. On the subject of Palpatine, I was thinking about the different Force powers given to me in Force Unleashed:  Force Push (push stuff around), Force Grip (grab and throw people without actually touching them), Force Repulse (like making a huge explosion of air around you), and Force Lightning (lightning bolts shooting out of your finger tips). Which would I want in real life?  Force Lightning, no question about it.  Oh, the times when I wanted to reach out and shock someone.  No killing, just a good can of electrical whoop ass.  I'd vary the shock depending on the situation.  With the fear of someone coming around and shocking you until you poop in your pants, people would think twice about doing silly crap. Which Force power would you like to have in real life?

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