O'Biden vs. McPalin

october 3, 2008

At the risk of being completely insensitive... I watched the Vice Presidential debates last night and I saw a winner.  That winner clearly was not Sarah Palin.  She was ambiguous.  She was completely scripted.  She did not answer questions, rather she steered them back to the scripted talking points that she memorized.  I am reading the papers today and the media is saying that the debate was a tie.  They are saying that the debate was "close".  People are saying that Palin did great.  What?  Huh?  Did we all watch the same debate? Reading further, I was horrified.  The only benchmark for Palin "winning" was that she did not screw up badly.  What kind of benchmark is that?  If I were Palin, I'd be embarassed.  Is that all people think of me?  Am I so bad that people have to set the bar extra low for me to be able to jump over it? The way -- and this is where insensitivity may kick in -- I see it is that the comparisons are completely on different scales.  Biden is running a sprint in the Olympics.  Palin, on the other hand, is running a sprint in the Special Olympics.  Sure, they both can win their respective races.  But, that's comparing apples with oranges. And lets get something straight.  Only unintelligent dopes would fall for the whole "I'm great because I'm a hockey mom" bit.  Look, you're second in line to run this country.  The man you're running with is 72 years old and may kick the bucket at any time.  I don't want a "hockey mom" running the country.  I don't want a "hockey mom" dealing with Kim Jong Il or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on issues of nuclear (not noo-cu-lar) weapons.  I want someone who has foreign affairs experience and that is not Sarah Palin.  Hell, she only got her passport in 2006 and I've traveled to more foreign countries than she has. I'm sorry.  But, those of you who thought Palin did well, you are all die-hard Republicans who are unwilling to look past the partyline.  She's a kindergardener playing in a college football stadium.  If you can't see that Biden knows what he's talking about and follows up with facts, you are not being objective. Go ahead, flame away.

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