october 6, 2008

It is always about redemption.  Whether it takes six episodes or just one fantastic game, it is always about redemption.  By green-lighting the huge multimedia project (game, book, comic) Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, George Lucas maybe asking us Star Wars fans for redemption.  After all, he messed things up completely when he released Star Wars Episodes I, II and III. I finished The Force Unleased last night and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the story -- which was not penned by George Lucas, though from what I read Lucas had a good deal of say in what happened in the story. The gameplay was a bit of a mixed bag, so I am glad that the story was so strong that it carried the game along to the end.  There were some serious twists that came out of nowhere for me and the ending was very satisfying. The game's story was so engaging that my wife actually got into it.  "I knew he would do that!"  She exclaimed once.  "Of course that happened he is a Sith!"  She blurted out another time.  And this is from a woman who is by far not a Star Wars fan. For the story alone, I would recommend this game.  Be forewarned though, there are some very frustrating bits about the game. SPOILERS AHEAD This is your warning.  Do not read any further if you plan on playing the game. Going back to redemption:  There are a lot of plot points in the game that feel like Episode IV, V and IV plot points.  The story itself is one that follows the basic Darth Vader arc -- a guy that embraces the Dark Side, then figures out that things aren't what he wants them to be, sets out to fix things and eventually redeems himself.  This is not a bad thing, but it did feel oh-so-familiar. Lets start with the good stuff (outside of the story):

The Bad: But, overall, still loved the game.  Was quite an experience.  If Episodes I, II and III did not exist and this game defined the opening for Episodes IV, V and VI that would have been fantastic.  Unfortunately, Episodes I, II, III and Jar Jar Binks do exist and this is not enough for me to forgive George Lucas for that mess.

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