Just. Stop. Blogging.

october 21, 2008

This month's Wired arrived in the mail today.  Yup, I still subscribe because I still like the magazine. There was an interesting essay in it, titled Twitter, Flickr, Facebook Make Blogs Look So 2004.  The assertion from the author is that blogs are a relic of the past because the personal blog will never gain any attention.  The personal blog, as the author theorizes, is being overrun by corporate blogs (think Engadget) with professionals posting "30 posts a day".  There's no competition.  Personal blogs will never get any attention from Google or Technorati.  And because of this, the author encourages bloggers to "pull the plug". Great idea, if you're looking at blogging from the standpoint that it is a venue for getting rich, or famous, or both.  But really, if you're looking at getting rich or famous from blogging, stop thinking about it.  You won't.  To that extent, I agree with the author. There are other reasons for blogging though.  Mine is to express myself.  If people read my blog, awesome.  If no one visits and reads my blog, that's OK too.  In the past, I used my blog as a way of letting people know what is happening with me, but that has changed.  Twitter (via mindof) is where I do that now.  My blog is now only used for longer compositions -- reviews, long commentary. The author also talks about how blogs are being replaced by more media rich formats:  Pictures (think Flickr) and video (think YouTube).  True?  A bit.  Pictures and video are cool, however words are still a great way to express oneself. The author talks about Twitter being the replacement for blogging.  It is, for a certain group of people. Is blogging dead?  If you blog, why?

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