98% Glass

october 29, 2008

The iPhone's face is 98% glass.  The iPhone's back is 100% not glass.  Drop your iPhone on the back and it has a good chance of surviving.  Drop your iPhone on its face and it has a pretty damned good chance of dying.  Guess which side my iPhone fell on today. My iPhone (lovingly named mookiPhone) did a face-plant and its face was covered in spiderwebs.  Sigh. After some mourning, I decided to research other phones to see if I could get something different -- and I did.  I ended up picking up a Moto Q9H (or as AT&T names it Moto Q Global).  Decent phone running Windows Mobile 6.1 (wonko adds, "Welcome to 1997."  I retort, "Hello, cut & paste").  Sure, WinMo is not as slick as OS X.  Sure I can't swipe, pinch, anti-pinch, or any other stuff.  But, still it is a decent device -- cut & paste, full tactile keyboard, expansion slot, and a very useful Home screen.  JR says that I have lost my cool.  I agree, no longer am I in fashion.  Oh wells. If phones were Humvees and they lived in the Iron Man universe... The iPhone would be the Funvee.  Any Windows Mobile device would be the Humdrumvee. I'll write more about the new phone as I start to use it more.

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