Mobile Thoughts

november 8, 2008

After more than a week with my Moto Q9H, I have some quick thoughts about the phone, Windows Mobile and the iPhone: In the end, I still think each of the platforms has their own cubby hole.  The iPhone is an awesome consumer media product that makes things easy for consumers by limiting the way that things can be done.  If you can live with these limitations, more power to ya.  The Windows Mobile platform is a great business or prosumer product by making a platform that is powerful and open to third-party applications. It all depends on what you're looking for and how much freedom you want from your device.  Strangely enough, when it comes to actually doing things, the Windows Mobile platform is a lot more free than the iPhone platform. After using the Moto Q9h for a little bit, I actually like the device a lot.  There was no instant out-of-box "holy crap, this device is heavenly" experience like I had when I got my iPhone.  But, there is no week later, "damn this thing is severely limited by Apple" or "crap, I wish Safari didn't crash so much" experiences either. Apple fanboys please refrain from posting comments.

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