november 11, 2008

This is pure rant.  So, if you don't want to read, feel free to skip. Yea, I'm cranky.  I saw two emails today that made me even more cranky than I was when I stepped into the office.  They are both from the same individual.  The first: "Hello everyone (list of 20 or so people).  We need to meet about [insert something not so important].  I have scheduled a room from 2pm to 3pm so that we can all get together and discuss [the not so important thing].  You are required to attend." That's it.  Annoyingly demanding about something not very important.  I did realize that this individual did not let us know which room the meeting was in.  Five minutes later, the second email from the same individual: "The room is [insert room that is far away].  Thanks." WTF?  "Thanks"?  Thanks for what?  Thanks for understanding that I'm a dolt who forgot to put the room in the original email?  Thanks for not replying to everyone on the email list and calling me out as an idiot?  Dude, try using the right word instead: "Sorry". Maybe I can suggest: "Sorry, I did not include the location of the meeting in the original email.  The conference room for the meeting is [insert room closer to attendees]." Thanks.

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