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january 8, 2009

Damned Ryan tagged me. Grr. Seven things weird and/or unknown about me:

  1. I'm a red tricycle.  I hate questions like, "If you were a vehicle, what would you be?"  Once, I was asked this in an English class.  I replied, I'm a red tricycle.  When asked why I would be a red tricycle, I replied that it was the one thing all the other people in the class would not say.  And, I was right.
  2. I've been in print.  I have been published in print. The long forgotten BABBA/WCO magazine employed me as a data entry person.  The publisher, Mark Shapiro was good enough to let me write a few short articles for the magazine.  Digital archives can be found here.  BABBA/WCO was a print magazine about BBSs in the San Francisco Bay Area -- including BBS listings.  The internet killed off 99.9999% of BBSs.  I hate you internets!
  3. I've been on TV.  I was interviewed a long time ago (1997) on the KRON 4 6 o'clock news about computers and computer consumers while I worked at the now defunct Computer City retailer.
  4. I've been on the radio.  I was interviewed about the 10th anniversary of the original Batman film for a local radio station.
  5. Two years driving in the south.  I spent two years flying back and forth to North West Arkansas (don't worry, you're not the only person to think, "Where?").  I spent this time working on a long-term project.  Being in the middle of nowhere afforded me a lot of time to cultivate life skills.  The best thing I learned was how to drive in snow.  Living in California, I never had the chance to drive in snow.  So, being able to have a fully insured rental car gave me confidence when driving on slippery roads.  I learned that driving a rear-wheel drive Mustang on icy roads is a scary as f*ck endeavor.  I learned how to drive a Lincoln LS V8 on snow.  Then, I quickly learned how to powerslide the motherf*cker using the throttle and ebrake on snow and dry asphalt.  I learned that big, long trucks going up steep inclines is a bad idea when it is muddy.  I learned that I could get up to 50mph in first gear in a Toyota Previa with three of the six cylinders shutdown by the car electronics.  I learned to drive using the Force when it is pouring rain and all I can see are the little reflectors 10 feet in front of my car -- all the while doing 80mph.
  6. Movie reviewer.  I have written over 200 movie reviews (archive at IMDB) and once I even had an editor -- thank you Cher!  I once, out of pure silliness, emailed Roger Ebert to have a look at my reviews site (now long gone) and he actually did and wrote me back.  I was part of the original OFCS (Online Film Critics Society) and designed the original (now not used) logo for the society.  I also hosted the site for a year or two before they found proper hosting.
  7. SBG.  During a training for my first retail job, I sat in the back of the class with my to-be-manager.  The guy teaching the class was short and bald, so I turned to my manager and asked him:  "Who's the Short Bald Guy teaching this class?"  My manager told me that was the store manager.  Shortly afterward, my manager, who was good friends with the store manager were talking and came up with the moniker "SBG".  And that's how the store manager was affectionately known for...well...ever.  We all still laugh about it nowadays.
Now, I've finished my seven items. I get to tag (with an evil snicker) seven other people and list these here rules: The people I tag are: Update:  I forgot about this one, so it's a bonus!  A long time before I joined Yahoo!, I received a cease and desist notice from Yahoo! for using Yahoo! icons.  Whee!

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