Stuff You'll Never See

january 31, 2009

Since last night, I have made a lot of changes to Dertyn.  All of them that you can't see.  A lot of the changes were for making Dertyn a bit more secure -- many thanks to Ryan Grove for taking his time to scan my code and point out all my n00b mistakes.  Also, for pointing me towards his very useful write-up about making SQL stuff better.

I also added the YUI Library's Rich Text Editor for blog posting and editing.  This thing is really cool and damned useful.  It gave Dertyn instant WYSIWYG editing -- and with less work that you would think.  I think I added less than twenty lines of code to make it work with my existing forms -- with no real need to change my forms (I had to add and id to the textarea element, but that was it).  Very, very cool tool.  Thank you YUI Team (especially Dav Glass who wrote it) for such an awesome tool.

I'm tired.  I am going to go to bed now.  Hopefully, no other issues crop up.  I think, as things go, Dertyn maybe ready to package up and release.  We will see. 

Did I mention how much I love the YUI Rich Text Editor?

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