Weep for the Wii

february 3, 2009

I apparently stirred up some strong emotions with my little blurb about putting my Wii into cold storage.  Yes, the Wii is in cold storage.  No, this does not mean that I think the Wii sucks.  And it speaks nothing of the quality (or "funness") of the games available on the Wii.  What this really says is that I don't game that much anymore. And the Wii is a dedicated gaming machine without much to offer in functionality that is not already covered by my PS3.

The PS3 stays out not because it is a gaming megamachine -- which it is -- but because it is a damned good mediacenter.  The PS3 can play Bluray movies (which I get from Netflix); it can play DivX and MPEG4 formatted stuff; it plays music; and it shows pictures. Yes, I try to play some games on the PS3, but I do not use it primarily as a gaming machine.

So, please, everyone who gasp and exclaimed "Whuuut?" at my blurb about putting my Wii away:  It is nothing personal against the Wii.

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