Of Windows Mobile Software

march 17, 2009

So, I have "built" up the software stack for my HTC Fuze and here is a list of the essential software that I have put on it.  I will probably add to this list later on, but for now this is the stuff that I consider necessary:

For my calendars and contacts, I have been using Google Sync (aka Google's licensing of Microsoft's ActiveSync technology).  It works fantastic and always pushes out changes immediately.  The only thing missing is Tasks, I wish Google would do a Tasks application that would sync over Google Sync.  Oh, and maybe push Gmail, so that I can dump the Windows Live app.

Anyways, that is the list of software that I find essential.  What do you install on your Windows Mobile device?

Update:  Added TinyTwitter because I am tired of logging into Twitter all the time -- even though "Remember Me" is checked (Hello...Twitter??)

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