Good-bye Galactica

march 21, 2009


You've been warned.

So, I just finished watching the Battlestar Galactica series finale and I must say, I am very satisfied with how it ended.  Yes, I shed tears during the episode because it was sad.  But, I am also happy that David Eick and Ronald Moore decided to wrap up the show and not drag it on forever.  

The ending is pure deus ex machina with a lot of religion thrown in.  This might turn some people off, but I am perfectly fine with how it wrapped up in this fashion.  I still had some questions in mind.  The Starbuck that returned after the explosion, was she Moore's Jesus figure?  A flawed and unassuming saviour for the human and cylons.  The Baltar and Six at the very end:  Since I assume the real Baltar and Six died 150,000 years ago, who's figment of imagination were these two?  God's?

The robots are coming?

All in all, it was a wonderful journey.  I loved the show as a whole.  There were some rough spots in the middle, but that was expected.  The ending was fitting for such a great show and I am glad that it all worked out in a fashion that was completely satisfying.  

I can't wait for the Blu-ray release so that I can watch it again from the mini-series to the series finale in high definition.

Thank you to everyone who made Battlestar Galactic so engrossing, entertaining and rewarding.  I'll miss the show.

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