march 29, 2009


With mindof, I did lots of small releases.  I often zipped up the version I was running, threw a version number on it and "released" it -- and sometimes, that would often be followed very shortly with another "release" where I'd fix something that I introduced in the previous release.
I have been running ultramookie.com on dertyn for the last two months and it has been working fine.  There have been bugs that popped up which I have fixed (thanks JR and Ryan for catching most of them).  There are things that I have tweaked things in dertyn (like making the version controlled version blue instead of orange).  

I wrote that I would release a 1.0 version of dertyn after successfully running ultramookie.com with it for a while.  Now, I am not sure I want to "release" it in that fashion.  The code is ever changing and what I run is always available on github.  

So, my question is:  Is it worth just taking a snapshot of the code and deeming it "1.0"? For a small project like this, where the dev code is usually the code run by the developer in production, is there really a need to take snapshots?  I can understand for large projects where snapshots allow people to have something that is tested and "production ready".  But, what about small projects?  What are your thoughts?

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