Good-Bye Sarah

april 20, 2009

I'm not sure if the rumors of The Sarah Connor Chronicles being terminated (OK, I could not resist that one) are true.  There seems to be some debate about it all.  If it is true, I am happy.  Though the show was good pulpy sci-fi fun, it was wearing out its welcome -- and really, this season was not that great.

I did finish watching the season finale and I enjoyed it.  The twist at the end was fantastic -- so, here is your warning:  SPOILERS AHEAD.

In the finale, we find out that Weaver, the resident liquid Terminator, was really working to stop Skynet using the rebuilt Cromartie.  We also see the death and sacrifice of Cameron and the final scene is one where Weaver and John Connor are whisked into the future -- without Sarah.

In the future, John Connor is a nobody.  He is not the famed leader of the human resistance.  He is unrecognized by anyone.  Thinking about this, I see that Cameron had accomplished her mission:  She has protected John Connor from the machines by making him a nobody.  But, this leads to some questions for me:

Anyways, I am thinking too much about the show.  It was good pulpy fun.  If it comes back, I will watch it.  If it does not, I will have a free hour every week. 

Oh, one last thought:  With how they ended the season, I cannot see how they can proceed with a new one.  Sarah chose to not go into the future, therefore she is in the past without John.  John was her life and her life's "mission".  I cannot see how a show about Sarah Connor can continue without John Connor in her life.  Would John have been sent back?  Seems a waste to send him forward only to bring him back.

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