In Plain Sight

may 6, 2009

Huh. Usually, TV shows get worse during their sophomore season. 

Strangely, USA Network's "In Plain Sight" has gotten a lot better this season.  During it is first season, I almost dropped this show a few times.  The show was mildly funny (because of the Marshall character).  The main character Mary (Mary McCormack) was really abrasive and it was hard to get in touch with her.  Also, I found the storyline with her mother and sister a distraction.

This season though, the writers have found a way of making Mary vulnerable and even a bit likable -- the PTS caused by the events of the first season's finale is the driving factor here.  But, the big change is that the writers have found a way of truly integrating the mother and sister into the show.  Tonight's episode, "A Stand-Up Triple" was fantastically written.  They were able to juxtapose Mary's family issues with the issues of a family in witness protection very well. 

This isn't to say that there are not any weak points to the show still.  The character of Raph, Mary's boyfriend is still very thinly written and either needs to be beefed up or dropped.  The Dershowitz character was a memorable character from the first season, but seems to have gotten a backseat so far -- and the one outting for the character was a bit odd.  And, I hope that they develop something with the FBI storyline and don't drop that.

The writers have found the heart and soul of the show.  I am happy that I had forgotten to remove the recording event for In Plain Sight from the DVR.  This season of the show is turning into a great one.  Kudos to the writers of the show for turning what was a mediocre and somewhat forgettable show into one that is an enjoyable watch with memorable characters.

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