Royal Pains

june 5, 2009

USA Network is quickly becoming my summer destination when it comes to TV.  Two years ago, I started watching Burn Notice on USA.  Very cool, funny and slick show.  Last year, I started watching In Plain Sight on USA.  Not the best last year, but still watchable -- and getting better this year.  This year, they introduced Royal Pains.

I watched the premiere of Royal Pains last night and thought it was pretty good.  The main character was a bit drab and boring, but the supporting characters are all pretty fantastic.  The brother and assistant bring a lot to the show.  The premise of the show is (thank you Bruce for this observation) a lot like Burn Notice.

In Burn Notice, we follow a spy who got "burned" and is now out of the game.  This spy goes around using his skills to help normal people.  In Royal Pains, we have a doctor who got "burned" by his hospital and medical group.  He ends up in the Hamptons helping out rich people with his doctor skills.  

It works for the show and the show is genuinely engaging.  I am not sure how long they can keep the show going on just this premise, but it will be interesting to see.  The only complaint I have about the show is the music.  The music in the show is overbearing and very distracting.  I hope the producers will tone down the music in future episodes.

Otherwise, cool show that I'll keep watching -- and this makes three guilty pleasure type summer shows on USA for me.

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