Dear Playstation

september 15, 2010

Dear Playstation,

Your sign-up process for The Playstation Network is flawed, completely flawed. When someone signs up, you ask them for their email address and birthday. The problem is that you do not verify or validate that the email address used actually belongs to the person signing up.

Then, in order for the actual owner of the email address to get anything done, you require that they have the email address and the birthday to proceed.  What kind of backasswards thinking is this?

This morning, someone signed up using my email address and I cannot do a single thing about it. This is lame Sony, this is totally something that would happen in 1999 -- but, not in 2010!  All the coolness of The KB has been spoiled by this.

Please fix your Playstation Network sign-up process by verifying email addresses that are used. It really is not that hard, trust me, millions of websites are doing it. 

Stop being lame.


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