Battlefield 3 Squads Broke

october 30, 2011

Now that I have a dozen hours of online play in Battlefield 3, I want to write some thoughts about it. The short version: The game is awesome, but online play is seriously hampered by some bad flaws.

While online play is extremely fun and well-balanced, if you want to play with a bunch of friends, it is infuriating to no end -- I know because I keep trying to play with my buddies and we cannot get our squad on the same server and on the same squad.

The problems that I have observed are:

EA/DICE continues to deny the problem of keeping squads together and has even released a "guide" on how to join in squads. Hey EA/DICE: Good guide, but the advice in it doesn't work. That's how we've been trying to get our squad into a game together since figuring out what might have been going on (see the first two bullet points) -- and it does not work.

In essence, EA/DICE has released BF3 with the best part of Battlefield broken: Squads and playing with friends. They need to get this fixed immediately.

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