Dear Blockbuster

june 22, 2012

I love underdogs and that is why I gave you a try about a year ago. Our relationship was great for a long while -- that is until you decided to close the two stores closest to me. See, Blockbuster your advantage over Netflix for physical media rental are the stores. The cost for me to rent from you is the same as it is to rent from Netflix -- but with Blockbuster I get two extras: In-store returns and videogame rentals via mail.

I have enough games to keep me busy, plus the games you have are never available. So that strikes out that as an advantage. But, having in-store exchanges was an awesome advantage. I could basically watch two movies in a week -- get a movie via mail, watch it, go to the store and exchange it for a new movie right away. The benefit of in-store exchanges goes beyond that because stores carrying more of the new releases than online. So, I was able to get new releases each week.

Then two months ago, you shutdown both of the stores that were close to me. That means that you had no advantage over Netflix anymore -- and that also means the only thing that would keep me with you is that if you performed as good or better than Netflix. For a while there, you were doing OK, then came the last four movies. The first one took you three business days to get into my hands after you received it. The second took four business days. The third took seven business days. And the one that you received from me on Monday, well you still haven't shipped anything -- it's Friday now.

Last night, I signed up for Netflix Blu-ray rentals again. This morning, they have already sent off a movie to me.

I'm sorry Blockbuster, I do love underdogs, but I won't support you as a charity. My subscription just renewed with you for the month. You have one month to show that you're worthy. I am running your subscription in conjunction with Netflix. Lets see who earns my business.

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