march 24, 2013

Not long ago, my buddy Carlo gave me an invite to join is a paid service -- that just added a free tier which is invite only. I had held off on joining because of it being a paid service. But since Carlo gave me an invite, I was curious to see what was like. It is kind of quiet there, but I haven't yet explored that much.

I think I will continue to stay on the free tier since there is nothing about the paid tier that makes sense for me: There's yet to be enough interesting people for me to go above following 40 and I don't see myself using more than 500MB of storage at

I have updated mootwit to backup posts, so I am going to spend more time there. I have been diversifying my online presence and moving away from having all my eggs in Google's basket. Ever since Twitter tightened the terms for the API access, I had been using Google+ for my public microblog postings. It is time I move on and looks to be a good place to go.

There's even a few Android apps which look good. I have been testing Dash and Tweet Lanes. Robin and Drift look interesting too.

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