Killzone: Mercenary

november 3, 2013

I have been playing a lot more Killzone: Mercenary online recently. It is pretty entertaining and a completely different feel from Killzone 2 multiplayer. The movement in Killzone 2 multiplayer felt slower, whereas Killzone: Mercenary is fast and twitchy -- bordering the speed of playing a console version of Modern Warfare. Here are some screenshots...

The Valor system is based on a card system. The cards are earned based on performance and weapons used.

Valor collection shows the cards that I have collected from killing enemies. Each kill will result in a card.

Everything in the game earns money. Money is used to buy weapons and specials.

My multiplayer stats so far...


Killzone: Mercenary is unlike Battlefield where I can switch weapons at spawn and more like Modern Warfare where I have to create loadouts before entering a round of multiplayer. And yes, that's a rifle that fires three explosive rounds plus a rocket launcher. I like the boom.

The in-game graphics of Killzone: Mercenary are fantastic, they look even better when the game is in motion.

Yup, that's me. A combination of the accelerator gun, proximity mines and Mantys Engine.

If you have a Playstation Vita and Killzone: Mercenary, find me on PSN and lets play. My PSN handle is ultramookie.

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