november 10, 2013

The other night, I sat down and realized that I subscribe to a lot of blogs. I check my feeds incessantly and I tend to use the "Mark All Read" button way too much throughout the day.

It started with Google Reader where I amassed a large collection of RSS feeds to follow. When Google Reader was shutdown, I went with a self-hosted instance of Fever. After I switched my webserver to nginx, I found that Fever didn't work, so I switched over to Feedly.

What I found was that I was oversubscribed, I checked way too much and I needed to cut back. I sat down and wrote a small Python script to create a cheat sheet that gathered up the feeds I felt most important onto one page.

There were some self-imposed rules:

Here is the page the script creates. Here is the code that I wrote to do it (it is nothing special).

I am using digg, reddit and a few other sites to get extra stuff to read.

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