Hardcore Henry (2015)

June 25, 2016

"People love FPS games, I bet a movie completely shot in the first person perspective would be exciting and a total hit!"

No, not really. Hardcore Henry achieved something that the filmmakers were probably not intending it to: It was boring. What makes FPS games exciting and interesting is that the player is in control of the action. What Hardcore Henry feels like is sitting next to someone playing a FPS game and watching for an hour an a half.

Maybe if there were more than a threadbare make-no-sense story attached, this movie would have been more entertaining. But, the story makes no sense. It has to do with super soldiers and implanting memories. At least that is about all I could make it of it. I did not understand why Akan was so powerful and why it was even necessary for him to have telekinesis powers.

The stunt choreography would have made the action sequences more exciting too. There they failed too. Each sequence follows a basic formula: Fight hoards of minions, then fight a boss and then end with some "creative" ultra-violent kill. Meh.

Was Sharlto Copley looking for an extra paycheck? Yes, I understand that he plays different personalities, but he really went over-the-top with his performance and it does not work. The other unknowns in the film had the same qualities with their performances.

I did like the use of music in the movie. They picked the right songs for the action sequences and that made me smile at times.

Hardcore Henry runs only 96 minutes, but it feels much longer. There is not much in this movie to make it a recommendation. I would skip it and see something different.

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