The Lego Movie (2014)

July 5, 2016

The family watched The Lego Movie when it was released. Then we watched it again when we got the Blu-ray. This morning, the kids and I watched the film again. They had forgoetten enough of the film that they were able to enjoy and laugh at the jokes.

The brilliant thing about this film is how accessible it is for people of all ages. It has enough humor and action to keep everyone engaged. The story follows Emmet, a non-descript ("ordinary") construction worker Lego-man. He accidentally (maybe?) acquires a piece that makes him the "Special" who will save the Lego world from Taco Tuesday. It's a simple story, but by the end of the film, it has emotional resonance -- especially for me as a dad.

The voice acting in the film is spot on. Chris Pratt (Emmet), Elizabeth Banks (Wildstyle) and Morgan Freeman (Vitruvius) are all great in the parts. But, my favorite is Will Arnett as Batman. His Batman is the "lovable jerk" and he does this with total brilliance -- he steals every scene that he is in. I am happy that Arnett will be getting his own Lego Batman film, I am looking forward to seeing that movie. Liam Neeson also turns in an equally memorable performance as Good Cop/Bad Cop.

This movie is as the title song says: Everything is awesome. Well worth multiple viewings.

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