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Standing All Day

I am going to try to stand for the most of the day, all month. I don’t know if this challenge is going to work, but I am going to give it a shot. There was an article about a reporter who tried just this in April of this year. He took it to the extreme (standing during a movie, standing during meals, etc). I am setting different rules for myself that will eliminate some of the awkwardness. The only times I will not be standing are:

  • Bathroom visits (duh)
  • Driving
  • Sleeping
  • Eating

Otherwise, I will be standing.

Yesterday, I spent all day standing and my feet hurt. I was shuffling from foot to foot to try to get relief. The normally mundane and boring drive home? It was the best drive ever. My feet thanked the people clogging the roads and wished for my congestion. I went to bed earlier yesterday because I was so tired from standing and slept like a log.

The article goes into details about why we shouldn’t sit so much (lower’s good cholesterol, earlier death, etc). It also goes into why we shouldn’t stand all day. It is a good read, informative and entertaining.

Here I go, starting day two of standing.

Edit: The time I spend on the treadmill will be sitting time.

400 miles since I started tracking on Nike Plus on August 11, 2013.

Amazon’s Missed Opportunity

It looks like the collective reaction to Amazon’s announcement of the Fire Phone was “meh”. The head/eye tracking that Amazon put together for the phone is a gimmick and has not gotten man excited about the phone.

Amazon missed an opportunity to sell their services. The head tracking tech, while kind of “wow”, is not something that is integral into what Amazon does. What Amazon should have done was create a phone like the Yota Phone (or work with Yota Phone).

The front of the Yota Phone looks like any other smartphone. It is the back that makes it special. The back of the Yota Phone is an eInk screen. Why would this have been a better avenue for Amazon rather than a gimmicky head tracking system? It is simple: Amazon Kindle. The head tracking does not bring any benefits to the consumer, but think about how great it would be to let consumers use their phones like a true eInk paper Kindle.

Watch movies and listen to music using the front LCD screen, flip over and read Kindle books using the eInk screen. It brings to the table something useful based on all of what Amazon offers.

If Amazon were to do something like this, I would seriously think about picking up a Kindle Phone. As it stands, the Kindle Phone is just a one-trick pony that does not bring anything useful to an already crowded smartphone market.

End of Running Ten Days

I challenged myself to run ten days in a row and I finished tonight. Physically, I feel like hell. Mentally, I feel great that I finished. I ran a total of 23.28 miles at an average pace of 9 minutes and 36 seconds per mile. My longest run was 4.27 miles and my shortest was 1 mile; I ran four 5k’s during my ten days and my fastest mile was an eight minute mile.

I started out strong in the first few days, running like mad. But, near the end, especially these last three days, things started to ache and hurt — most especially my knees. So, what did I learn? A week of running straight is definitely doable. Anything after that, I think I risk injury. I am going to enjoy a few days of rest, then it is back to running normally again — though I think I will add shorter runs during the days that I take as rest days. For now though, it is time to enjoy the couch and some TV.

Ten Days of Running

I usually run every few days — Tuesdays; Thursdays; and either Saturday or Sunday. But, after my run on Sunday, I wonder what running a few days in a row would be like. So, I figured ten days is a nice number (since I could count that with my fingers). I wondered if I could make it; if I would be sore all the time; and if I did make it, would I continue to go.

My ad hoc plan? Run my normal long runs (3-6 miles) on Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays. On my “off days”, run shorter runs (1-2 miles) but at a faster pace. Today, I finished my fourth day of running - one mile at an 8min/mi pace and one mile at a 10min/mi pace.

So far over the last four days, I have tallied 10 miles. I am planning on 18 more miles by the time I finish day 10.