Running Outside

Fri 08/16/13 : 1.11  miles (14'22/mi)  fuel: 331   calories: 149  active: 0:15:56 | Injured      | Asics 9097   | Cloudy       | Road      | horrible. fell down.

A little over a year ago, while running in the dark morning, I came around a corner too fast in my neighborhood, tripped on a portion of the sidewalk that was pushed up from a tree root. I fell, tore up my face and broke my two front teeth.

The whole reason for running outside that day, and the couple of days before it was that my treadmill had broken and I figured it would be a nice change of pace to get outside and run. After the first run, I knew it was awesome and I loved it. I had a cheap Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS watch and I was really enjoying running outside. The running was more challenging because… well, the ground beneath me was not moving and helping to propel me.

After the fall, I had a phobia of running outside and got a new treadmill. I embarked on running faster and longer, but only using the treadmill. I definitely saw improvements in my running times and I was happy.

It was only until recently, about a year after my fall, that I wanted to go running outside again. I got another GPS watch (a Garmin Fenix 2) and shortly after that a heart rate monitor (a Mio Link) and have been splitting my running time between indoors and outdoors — with a definite preference for outdoors.

Running on the treadmill is much, much easier than running outdoors. I can easily run a 5k (3.11 miles) on the treadmill in less than 30 minutes (around a 8.5 to 9 minute mile pace). Outdoors, I barely scrape by under 10 minutes per mile on a two-mile run. And the effort to do the two-mile run outside versus the the 5k inside is much greater. I feel completely worn out and exhausted when running outside at lower speeds than when I run inside. Thank you wind resistance and elevation changes!

Right now, I am keeping track of my runs in a bunch of places. I will see about consolidating when it gets too overwhelming.

  • My place of truth is a spreadsheet that I have been using to keep track of my running for the last two years (first entry shows me running two miles in 25 minutes and 45 seconds).
  • The second place is Nike+ where I have been keeping track for a year.
  • The third place is Garmin Connect which I have been using since I got my watch on the first of September.

Random other places include:

  • MapMyRun
  • Strava (which automatically imports from Garmin Connect)
  • SportTracks (a Windows program that is quite nice).

The links above are to my profiles at the respective sites.

here is my destiny on Flickr.

here is my destiny

a year of running on Flickr.

lazy fridays…


So… I spent the last three or four weeks powering through Breaking Bad and not sleeping much. The show was epic TV as everyone has told me. If you haven’t seen it yet: make it a priority. I won’t say much more about the show since I would spoil the show. Since I was so focused on watching Breaking Bad, I didn’t get to watch any movies and now I have a stack of movies to watch.

I have started watching movies again and the first two were both mixed bags. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a hot mess that aimed to be grand and build a world… but, ended up being a superficial film that had one too many villains who were not fleshed out. I like Andrew Garfield much better as Peter Parker than Toby Maguire. Garfield gets Parker/Spider-Man being a smart-ass and also has the physique to make it all work. Jamie Foxx was totally squandered on Electro. And the instance bromance between Parker and Osborn was a bit forced.

Snowpiercer was a bit better, on an allegorical level it is a decent film — a sci-fi film that focuses on characters and story, rather than CGI effects and explosions (hey Michael Bay, you reading this?). The fight scenes in Snowpiercer were exciting and brutal with a sense of dread because the director made it clear that he is not afraid to kill off main characters. There were a bunch of problems with the film though, and I will list them at the end of this post in the spoilers section. Overall though, I did enjoy Snowpiercer.

I have some movies on deck to be watched: 300 Rise of an Empire, Draft Day, Noah, Sabotage, The Monuments Men, Constantine, Batman Assault on Arkham, Muppets Most Wanted, Rio 2, Her, Planes, Locke, The Zero Theorem and Under the Skin.


Snowpiercer thoughts: The two kids at the end would have been dead in a few days, if not from that hungry looking polar bear, than because they lived their lives in a controlled environment and are now on their own in a harsh environment. Ed Harris: Whoa dude, chew much scenery? I like Harris as an actor, but his part in Snowpiercer was just bizarre. Chris Evans can act! Yes, he can. But, his speech about eating people? It came out more comical than serious — especially the bit about babies tasting better.

had a good run today on Flickr.

run as fast as i could today and improved my 1k and 1mi times. whee!