Year of Run

January 12, 2018


In 2017, I changed my goal to "at least a mile per day" instead of running a mile per day. There were a few days that I was just too sick to run a mile, but still got up to get a mile done, albeit a little slower. Those days were far and in between though and for the most part, I ran almost every day in 2017. The biggest accomplishment in 2017 for me was have two months (May 105.1 miles, and December 111.7 miles) where I hit double digits. Those months, I ran at least a 5K each day.

In total, I ran 915 miles in 2017, up from 829 miles in 2016. I averaged 2.5 miles per day, up from 2.3 per day in 2016. I ran 180 5K's, up from 118 5K's in 2016. I ran in Bellevue, WA; Universal City, CA; San Jose, CA; Davis, CA; and Ko Olina, HI.

The most miserable cold run last year was in Bellevue, WA where I had stupidly packed shorts instead of running pants.


The most memorable run in 2016 was the first morning run I did it Hawaii. Running from the lagoon at Disney Aulani all the way to the Ko Olina Marina and back. It was one of the most best runs I have ever done, not because of the run but because of the lagoons, the sunrise and the warm morning air. This run, I will remember forever.

This year? More running, I will still get in a mile per day, but I don't know if I will continue to run the same amount of mileage as last year. We'll see.

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