Weekly Photo Challenge

Batman and Batman

I love being home with my kids all the time nowadays. But, we all get a bit bored and there is a certain repetition to each day.

Last week, the kids and I tried something new and it was pretty fun. It is our daily photo challenge. We made a list of photos that we would take during the week. One photo per day based on the “challenge” and the photo had to be taken that day. This was a really nice way to make each day memorable and to get myself and the kids looking around the house or out in the yards for something different each day. We are going to start our new week of photo challenges tomorrow and I wanted to share our list, just in case anyone else wants to try this out with their family.

Day Challenge
Mon Pattern
Tue Fuzzy
Wed Rough Texture
Thu Water
Fri Cloud
Sat Leaf
Sun Something Falling

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