John Wick Hex

I picked up a Nintendo Switch OLED as an upgrade to my original launch Nintendo Switch. The screen on the Switch OLED is definitely worth the upgrade.

I was looking for a game to play and saw that John Wick Hex was on sale for $15 and picked it up. The game is very creative in the way that it presents the action of John Wick. It plays out on a hex-based tile system in a hard to describe almost real-time action strategy game.

Instead of running around shooting and beating the snot out of people as John Wick, the player controls John Wick and time pauses when something happens – usually when an enemy comes into sight. There are timelines on the top that lets the player strategize on what to do next – hide, shoot, fight? The player can see what would happen with the choice. It is a really neat system and I am finding it very entertaing.

At the end of each level, I am given a chance to watch a playback of what I did through the level. The animation and weird camera angles of the playbacks are quite janky – and funny when compared to the smooth action in the movies.