VPS Experiences

Update (4/20/2024): After some poking around, I found a way to significantly increase performance of Hetzner networking and I have moved things back to Hetzner. More details here.

Lessons learned so far from this round of instance shenanigans

  • The storage on Oracle Cloud Free Tier (on x64 instances) has some pretty high latency which caused issues with my GoToSocial instance.
  • Hetzner has really great inbound network speed, but horrid outbound network speeds. I tested in both Helsinki and Hillsboro. When I sent files to my instances, it would be mega fast. When I tried to download files from my instances it would be 200-300Kbps. I have symmetric 1Gbps fiber, downloading a Debian ISO from debian.org ran at megabytes per second speeds. When I was running backups via rsync it was painfully slow, like watching paint dry.
  • Digital Ocean is expensive compared to the above two, but it’s fast, real fast.

I guess, I get what I pay for.