GOG and Star Trek

The bridge of the starship Enterprise with the whole crew on board. Words in dialogue box reads "Captain Kirk: It's just a simulation, Scott."

I found this five year old, but yet relevant documentary on GOG.

GOG has become my preferred way to buy games. For each game that I buy on GOG, I download the offline installer and back the installer onto an external hard drive. It’s so nice to be able to buy something that doesn’t have DRM and truly own it.

I still shop at Steam because there are many games that never show up at GOG – like Call of Duty and Battlefield. My hope with Battlefield is that EA will release DRM-free versions of older Battlefield games so that I can replay the campaigns – like the very memorable one from Battlefiled: Bad Company 2.

GOG is the first place I go to look for a game. Other stores come after if I cannot find it on GOG. I am hoping more publishers embrace the idea of selling DRM-free games.

The crew is standing around a broken transporter. Dialogue box reads "Dr. McCoy: You cold blooded emotionless..."

I just fired up the 32-year old game Star Trek: 25th Anniversary and it is really awesome that it works fine. I didn’t get much into playing it though because I had no clue what to do and will need to read over the manual.

I bought this game (and its sequel Judgement Rites) in 2017 on GOG – mainly just to own them because these two games remind me of my high school years. It’s really great that I have access to old games like this.