Kiss of the Dragon

Vicious, vicious, vicious. I’ve never seen a Jet Li movie so vicious. This movie was plain gratuitous with its violence to a point where I found it disgusting. The plot revolves around a Chinese cop (Li) who is in France to track a drug lord, but he is framed for a murder of the drug lord – or I think that was the plot, since it was so confusingly setup I’m not quite sure. Li plays the hard-hitting cop with a heart of gold. He goes to great lengths to help a hooker (Bridget Fonda) rescue her daughter from a corrupt French cop (Tchéky Karyo). This same French cop is the one who setup Li’s character. Karyo is absolutely over-the-top with his performance of an amoral corrupt cop. Li is stoic as ever. And Fonda, what the hell were you thinking? Is this a movie worth watching? No. This is strictly direct-to-video stuff. The violence is over done and the action is sickening to the stomache. Sorry, but this is a terrible film not worth plunking down good dollars to see in a theatre – on video, perhaps.