Microsoft's .NET = .NOT yet?

july 10, 2001

Well, MSN Messenger service is back up and running (at least according to Microsoft (Article)). But some users of the service has lost their address books because of the glitch that caused this outage. How do you think this reflects on Microsoft and their .NET project? Would you trust your software subscriptions from Microsoft? Or do you think that Microsoft is .NOT yet ready for primetime? Do you think Microsoft should work on their customer service skills also, so that instead of keeping customers in the dark about a problem, they should let them know? How much would you trust your information and data to Microsoft and their .NET initiative? This isn't the only problem plaguing Microsoft and their network of services. Microsoft still hasn't really resolved their problem with their Windows XP preview program that started on July 2 ([url=" target="new]Article[/url]). Microsoft took $10 from thousands of people who wanted to preview Windows XP on July 2 and to date the paying people still haven't gotten the necessary user ID and password needed to get the preview. And also some of the people who did get their user IDs and passwords got bad passwords that wouldn't let them into the servers.

So, the question is: If Microsoft switches from selling you a piece of software to just renting you a piece of software (like they plan to do with the .NET initiative) would you trust them to do it? And would you actually rent software from them?

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