july 11, 2001

Gary Condit, at the center of a swirling controversy about the missing Chandra Levy, is just another example of how when you don't practice what you preach, it'll come back and smack ya twice as hard -- espcially when you trying to smack someone else down with it. When will Republicans (and Condit [correction, as Condit is not a Republican, thanks Bob!]) stop trying to project their outward holy-righteousness and actually practice it? It seems that all the people that came out to try to smack down former President Clinton are now being smacked back. Practice what you preach. Condit along with Newt Gingrich, Robert Livingston, Henry Hyde and Helen Chenoweth all stood high and mighty during the Clinton scandal and denounced then President Clinton of his extramarital affair. Standing so righteously up there throwing stones at Clinton when now we see that all of them too have had extramarital affiars. When will these people know that what they use to smack someone else will eventually come back and smack the shit out of them?

For Condit the consequences are even higher since it's not just an extramarital affair we're talking about here but the disappearance of Chandra Ann Levy, the woman that Condit had one of his two (known) affairs with.

Condit who co-sponsored a bill to display the Ten Commandments in all public buildings is now probably shaking his head for supporting that bill since, if I remember from Bible class correctly, adultery is one of the ten things you're not supposed to be doing. I guess that would have made life hard for Condit if he saw the Ten Commandments everyday at work, huh?

I want to find out who was the smart ass who advised Condit to get an affidavit signed by the airline stewardist who Condit had a second affiar with right in the middle of this whole controversy. Hey Gary, does someone in your office not like you? What were you thinking to actually go through with that?

Being a public servant like Condit and the rest of the politicians (and Condit [correction, as Condit is not a Republican, thanks Bob!]) means that their private lives are no longer private. Why do they continue to think that their lives are private is beyond me. If you have something like an affair (or two) in your past, is it really smart to come out and try to smack around the President for his misgivings? Hell no. But these dumb-asses still did it. Oh well, what comes around goes around.

The important thing here though is where is the missing young lady Chandra Levy. Everytime the police talk with Condit he seems to tell them something new. Maybe if they keep talking with him he'll tell us where Chandar Levy is?

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