Even Worse News for Bill's XBox

november 2, 2001

Here's an interesting Newsweek article that I read this week. It's about the XBox and its technical savvy (or its lack thereof). The online version of the article is ironically hosted by MSNBC (Microsoft's joint venture with NBC). The article states that the XBox's superior hardware still produces games with "jaggies" -- the one thing that was seen on PS2s early on, but eventually eliminated. The thing is that MS has been boasting the power of the nVidia chip and how it can do FSAA (Full-Screen Anti-Aliasing, the thing that reduces the jaggies) and the first thing to show up on this system? Jaggies. And now the XBox has another slap in the face..."even though Microsoft claims that Xbox is three times more powerful than PS2, major game publishers say all three systems are in roughly the same class." (Article)

Some highlights from the article:

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