UltraMookie Christmas Contest Is Here!

november 24, 2001

OK, here it is, the UltraMookie Christmas Contest! The contest is an Internet Scavenger Hunt. The rules are simple: 1) Find the pictures on the Internet. 2) Pictures from ultramookie.com and pbase.com cannot be used. 3) Send only URLs via the UltraMookie.Com private message system to me (ultramookie). DO NOT SEND THE ACTUAL PICTURES. 4) If the URL has expired by the time I look at the pictures, that picture will be voided. 5) The latest time for entry into the contest is midnight Wednesday, December 19th, 2001. Contest winners will be announced December 21, 2001. 6) The two people with the highest number of pictures found will be the winners. If there is a tie, a random drawing by Steve will decide the winner. And lastly, 7) No suing Steve, he

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